How can i submit a support ticket, when i am logged in to my account?

To submit a support ticket, when you are logged into your client account, please follow the below steps.

1)     Go to your client area you can do this by clicking here.

2)     Once logged into your client account, you will see in the menu "Open A Ticket" please click this link.

3)     Please click the correct department (Support or WebCare)

4)     Most of the forum is already filled in for you, please add a subject title, pick a priority you think it should be and then if you want to pick a “Related Service” (picking this will help us solve your issue quicker but this is optional)

5)     Fill in the message part of the form, please add as much information as possible. By adding all the information, you can think of will help us solve your question/s quicker.

6)     You can add screenshots of your question this also helps us but again this is optional for you.

7)     Then click “I’m not a robot” (this is for us to fight spam tickets)

8)     Then click submit.

Once we have got your ticket we aim to reply to your ticket or even better solve your question within half an hour.

Alternatively, you can email and we will get your ticket.

We also offer support via live chat, Facebook messages, Twitter messages, phone and anything else you can think of. If you need support you will have to submit a support ticket first before any help can be given. The reason why we ask all support tickets to be submitted first is because this helps us too keep it under your account and for audit reasons. This is fully stated in our "Order Terms when you signed up for an account on Halls Hosting. You can see this by clicking here.

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