February Update - 2018

February Update - 2018


The team at Halls Group (UK) has been very busy the last month bring out this latest update. 

In this update, there is brand new features, improvements, features removed and news. Let's go straight in as their is a great deal of information in this latest update.

Welcome Email - Improvement

Every single customer matters to us, we want to make everybody feel welcome to our family. That is why we have massively improved our welcome email we send to new customers. This new welcome email comes with all the information that customers need to get started.

We advise all new customers to read this email and keep it for future reference. If you would like to have a read of our new "Welcome to our family" email then please click here.
If you do have any feedback on our "Welcome to the Family" email, then do get in touch with us by clicking here.

Server Monitoring - Improvements

Added Twilio SMS Gateway
Added Spaceiran SMS Gateway
Added Mobily.ws SMS Gateway
Added MessageBird SMS Gateway
Updated SupperSolutions SMS Gateway
Fixed problem with customers area display
Fixed problem with keyword languages
Fixed Send Reminder messages problem
Fixed and other minor improvements

Spam - Improvements 

We have worked really hard to make sure spam never gets into your inbox. We have made a number of updates and improvements across all of our servers. We have also made improvements across all of our customers websites to stop your emails going into you're own customers junk mail. 

Customer Reports 

We are glad to announce that customer reports are now back! We have massively improved the overall process of our customer reports. Customers who are on our MAX & WebCare plans will get our reports every month. The secluded monthly report is for the 28th of February 2018. The reports will now be called "Website Care Report"

Support - Changes

Last year we ran a few surveys asking our customers what they thought about out of hours phone support.

Survey Results -
  • 81% of customers who responded to our survey didn't want out of hours phone support.
  • 87% of customers wanted different ways to get in touch. 
  • 88% of customers didn't want phone support at all.

Taking our survey results into consideration we are now removing phone support & out of hours support completely. This will help us save money, add better technologies to our servers and finding new ways to interact with our customers.

Customers who already have out of hours phone support, will get a new service called "Fast Tracked" support tickets. 

We do understand that a few customers like speaking on the phone. So we will accommodate this on request. We will have to book in each phone support appointment on request, with a member of our team. For an example if "Customer K" would like us to call them regarding an issue they are having with an email. "Customer K" would submit a support ticket and then we will book in a phone appointment. All phone requested must be booked in before hand. Due to our team is busy with different areas of the company, we won't be able to call straight away. 

Please rest assured most of the time we can normally call back straight away, but we don't want to let anybody down. This is why it will be on request only.

Please always remember to submit a support ticket on our website beforehand, this keeps a strong and solid history of your account records. You can request this at anytime, but a small fee will be applied for administration costs.

We would just like to remind all customers that in our legal agreements all customers agreed to when activating web hosting services and opening an account. 

In our legal agreement under "Customer Support" Section it states - 

Customer Support

All support requests must be raised through the tickets system via our website. We can also provide support via live chat, e-mail, Facebook, text message, WhatsApp business, and any other way if required but all requests must first be initiated through a support ticket. This helps us deal with your query more effectively and provides a clear history of all correspondence.

Please note that we provide support to our direct customers only. We will not provide support via any means to your resold customers or any third-party not holding a direct account with us under any circumstances. It is your responsibility to cater for the support needs of your customers. In the event there is a hosting-related issue that you are unable to resolve, you are required to communicate this to us in detail via a support ticket and we will investigate and respond to you accordingly so you can inform your customer.

You can click here to view our legal agreements anytime.

Company Changes

We have moved our headquarters to a new location, we have updated all legal agreements and pages with our new address. 

WhatsApp Business 

We are so excited to announce that we have now got WhatsApp Business, this allows us to be modern, up to date and using better technologies for customer support. 

The whole team will have access to our WhatsApp account, using state of the art encryption making sure our customers data is always secure. 

Customers can always contact us via WhatsApp about anything! 

Customers will get status updates if we need to contact you quickly. For an example we would get in touch with you if we are having server issues or advanced downtime is needed.

Customers can always opt out of status update. Just click here to let us know.

Customers can opt out at anytime using WhatsApp regarding their account, please just get in touch with us and we will be happy to mark your account as "support tickets only". 

Make sure you save our number in your phone contacts! "073682 44108" This will be the number you need to phone us, text us or WhatsApp us.

You can read more about WhatsApp Business by clicking here.

Pricing Changes

We have now lowed our hosting packages, giving our customers better value for money. We can confirm their has been no price increases for any product.

Silver Plan -

Monthly - £2.99 | Annually - £30.00

Gold Plan - 

Monthly - £3.99 | Annually - £45.00

Platinum Plan - 

Monthly - £4.99 | Annually - £55.00

Customer Ambassador - NEW Service!

We are bring this brand new service out shortly, we are so excited for Customer Ambassador and will be out soon. Keep an eye out for this email. This will bring great rewards and benefits to customers who sign up to become a "Customer Ambassador" 

Limited Time Only 

Our February offer is 25% discount on our MAX Plan! This is a huge saving for all customers. Our MAX Plan comes with tons of features and services.

Here is the list

Platinum Hosting Plan
Always Here - 24/Support
Unlimited Changes to Everything
Unlimited Bespoke Software Making!
Unlimited Video & Image Producing
Unlimited Logo Designs
Free Domain Renewal
Tons of Hosting Features (Find out more by clicking here)
Halls Webcare (Find out more by clicking here)
Auto New Services Added
HUGE Loyailty Rewards
Dedicated Account Managed

If you would like to find out more about our MAX Plan please click here

Please make sure you use discount code "25FEB18" at checkout, we don't want anyone to miss out! 

Customer Projects

We will be sending an email out tomorrow (06/02/2018) to all customers who have a project/s currently in progress. Please keep an eye out for this email. 

Your Feedback Matters

We would love to hear your feedback on everything in this new update. Please do reply back to this email to give your feedback. Remember any feedback we get we take it really seriously and act on it. 

We hope you enjoy this new update, we have got so much planned for this year and can't wait to bring it to life. 

Kind Regards

Lee Halls and the Team 

Co Founder of Halls Group (UK)

at 05/02/2018, 22:26pm

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