Introducing MAX and November Update! PLUS #BlackFriday

Introducing MAX and November Update! PLUS #BlackFriday

Good Afternoon Reader!

We hope you have had a good week so far!

We have some exciting news to share with you. 

Halls Group (UK) is delights to introduce a brand-new plan and our November Update!

Halls MAX Plan!

Welcome to Halls MAX Plan, this unbelievable new service is now opened to everybody!

Halls MAX is just one single price with unlimited services.

We have worked hard to make sure our MAX Plan is competitive with tons of features and services. We personally believe our MAX Plan is at very competitive price for everything that is included in the plan.

What you get in our MAX Plan is Web Hosting, 24/7 Support, Unlimited Web Design, Unlimited Changes,
Bespoke Software, Image and Video editing and producing, Halls WebCare and so much more!
We strive to quickly supply leading-edge products to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world.

Our vision is to continue to seamlessly operationalise e-commerce materials as well as continue to authoritatively create cutting-edge products to solve business problems. We will work to continually leverage existing timely solutions so that we may endeavour to enthusiastically operationalise value-added deliverables to meet our customer’s needs.

Let’s do an overview of Halls MAX

  • Hosting
  • Always Here
  • Website Design
  • Only One Price
  • Unlimited Changes
  • Bespoke Software
  • Free Domain Renewals
  • Image & Video editings and producing
  • Unlimted Logos
  • MAX Loyailty Rewards
  • Tons of Hosting Feaures
  • New Services Added
  • Halls WebCare
  • Always Secure
  • Uptime Monitoing
  • Email Markating
  • Dedcatied Account Manager
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google AdWords

That is just a small amount of services all included in our new MAX Plan!

At Halls Group (UK) we use the best and up to date technology in the market for all our clients.

Here is just a few of them.

Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects.

We don’t just use Adobe Products currently we have over 50 different types of software giving our clients the best possible outcoming to their project.

We’re adding more services and products to our MAX Plan every few months, this is no extra charge to you at all.

All you need to do is pay the annual fee of our MAX Plan and that is it! This is truly offering our best services and products at a small competitive price!

Click here to find out more about Halls MAX Plan!

Just a few FAQ

Q Can I have unlimited website changes in the MAX plan?
A Yes, you can make as many changes you want on your website.

Q If I need a brand-new website for an example, is this include in the MAX plan?
A Absolutely, if you need a brand new website or have a website and you would like it to be updated we can do this for you at no extra costs.

Q I would like to add a few things (like a new page, a pop up, new pictures added, a new video, and brochures or leaflets so I can send them out) Is this included in the MAX plan?
A You’re 100% correct, no matter what you need, we can do this for you at no extra cost, all of this is included in the MAX plan pricing!

Q Is my web hosting included in the MAX plan as well?
A Yes, your web hosting is all included in the MAX plan.

Q Is Halls WebCare included in the MAX plan?
A Yes!

Q Why have Halls Group (UK) made the MAX plan?
A The short answer is, we have found over the last few years we were charging customers £20-£30 on average adding new stuff to their website/software (which isn’t included in Halls WebCare) our main goal is to save customers money.

Other Services

We have found a few customers asking for a simple  way of seeing all of our other services we offer on just one page. Your wish is our command we have made one page with all of our other services we offer to all customers.

Here is a few services we do offer that you might of not known.

  • Email Hosting
  • SSL Setup
  • Weebly
  • Free Web Hosting for new start ups!
  • Halls Server Monitoring
  • Plus so much more!

Click here to view the page.

Other Improvements

Telephone Input Improvement - We wanted to be able to make it easier for our customers to be able to find their country more quicker. 


Available Credit

When customers have available credit they couldn't seem to find how you view this, so we have improved the client home page to view the available credit on all pages (once you have logged into your account)

Add Funds

We have improved the client area menu to allow you to be able to quickly add funds to your account if you don't want to add a billing option (like Card, PayPal, Apple Pay etc) You can of course you the link under "Available Credit" as well. (Please note that you will only have balance showing if we have added credit to your account or if you have added funds to your account.)

Credit Checkout Options

From today, customers are now allowed to use available credit at checkout. Through a new set of options presented during checkout, customers can choose if they wish to have credit from their credit balance automatically applied to new orders they submit. Opting out allows them to pay via any of your available payment methods as normal.The option to apply credit from the available credit balance to the new order will always be selected by default.

Menu Improvements

We have added and improved our main menu bar making it easier for customers to get where they would like to go.

Improvements to Client Menu

We have tried to make it even easier for customers, to be able to get to where they want to go in their client account. Open A Support Ticket is now under the heading "Support" The home button has been removed as you only need to use "Your Client Area"


To celebrate our brand new update and the black Friday event, most of our products are now 60% discount! You must use discount code "BLACKFRIDAY17" at checkout to get the 60% discount! This offer ends 28th of November 2017 so make sure you are quick!

Subject to our Offer Terms

All Domains, Max Plan, Halls WebCare, SSL Certificates and Weebly is excluded from this discount. 

We hope you enjoy this new update! 

If you have any questions or feedback about this new update please do send us an email by clicking here!

Kind Regards

The Team at Halls Group (UK)

at 24/11/2017, 13:52pm

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