September Update

September Update

Good Afternoon!

We hope you have had a good week and having a good start to the weekend.

The Team at Halls Group (UK) have been working extremely hard with our September update. 

Halls Bot

Halls Bot is a very simple but powerful Facebook Messenger Bot. You can ask simple questions like “how can I view my invoice” or “What is the service status” and the Bot will respond to you immediately. This will help the team to concentrate on brand new features, more advanced issues our customers are having, important server updates and so much more. 

But don’t worry if you would like to speak to a real person all you would have to do is type “I need to speak to a real person” and Halls Bot will transfer the message to our Support Team on Facebook! Please note Halls Bot is in beta so you might come across some issues that we need to fix. We hope you love this new feature. 

Please see the quick demo video below showing how simple it is to speak to the Halls Bot! We have worked really hard on Halls Bot.


Please click here to view the Halls Bot Demo on YouTube.


You can also test Halls Bot by clicking here or sending a message to our Facebook Page. (click here if you havn't liked it already.)




We have removed the contact form from our footer, we thought it didn’t go with the flow of our website. This will now allow us to show much more important information. You can see below of what changes we have made.


Left hand side - Our Address, Our Telephone Number and Our Nominet Accredited Channel Partner (if you want to find out more about Nominet Accredited Channel Partner you can click here.)


Middle - "Quick Links" - Web Hosting Packages, Order a Domain, Order Weebly, Order an SSL, Our Features, Loyalty Rewards, Service Status, Legal Agreements, Blog, Support, Contact Us


Right hand side – Our latest twitter feed.


Then when you scroll down it will show all our social media icons, our copyright notice, a message saying Halls Group (UK) trading as Halls Hosting, picture of Halls Group (UK) logo and a Comodo secure icon. (This shows we take customer security very seriously)


You can see the images below of our new changes.


(Please click here to view the image in a bigger format)


(Please click here to view the image in a bigger format)


(Please click here to view the image in a bigger format)


Application Links

We have added more features to our application links. In cPanel you will now see a new section called "BILLING & SUPPORT" this will give you an easier way to access parts of your client account on our website.


In this section in cPanel you can Change Personal Details, Manage Billing, See Email History, Search Our Knowledgebase, Check Network Status, View Invoice History, View Support Tickets, Open a Support Ticket. This will allow our customers to access quick information just by logging into cPanel. 

If you have logged into cPanel and click on for an example “Manage Billing” it will automatically log you in using our SSO (Single Sign On). 

Always keep your username and password information private and change it regularly. 

You can see the image of the changes below.


(Please click here to view the image in a bigger format)


Community Forums


We have had many of our customers sending in support tickets asking when will our community forums be open. The Team knows how many customers are keen and excited by our new community forums. But unfortunately. we haven’t finished moving all of our FAQ and support videos to our the community forums yet.

We are aiming to get this all by the end of next week. If it is sooner we will of course let you know!


Halls Webcare


Our Halls Webcare customers have been using Halls Hosting client area to manage their account. We didn’t think this is good enough. We are happy to announce we have built a brand-new client software for all Halls Webcare customers. Halls Webcare customers will be able to login into the Halls Webcare Portal. In our new portal customers you will be able to send messages to people in our team, send in a support ticket, pay invoices, send a new quote to us, track your project in real time and give comments of what we have built so far and so much more! 

We would love a few of our Webcare customers to test the service out before we make it go live. If you fancy testing the new portal out then just reply to this ticket and we will be in touch!


Loyalty Rewards

We have always loved giving back to our customers, that is why we are bring out Loyalty Rewards! 

This brings HUGE benefits to all customers. We know we use to give our customers a 5% discount each year they renew but this is so so so much better and will replace Discounts for Renewing Customers.


This is how our brand new Loyalty Rewards work.


Renew Year 1 – 7% Discount

Renew Year 2 – 15% Discount

Renew Year 3 – 28% Discount – Plus 25% off Domain Renewal

Renew Year 4 – 50% Discount – Plus 25% off Domain Renewal

Renew Year 5 – 64 % Discount - Plus 50% off Domain Renewal and 25% off Halls Webcare Plans!

Renew Year 6 – 81% Discount - Plus 65% off Domain Renewal and 50% off Halls Webcare Plans!

Renew Year 7 – 100% Discount and Free Domain Renewal Plus Halls Webcare is free for a year.


You can find out much more about our Loyalty Rewards by clicking here

Please note Terms do apply you can read them by clicking here.


"Discount For Renewing Customers" has been cancelled and Loyalty Rewards is now in affect. 

Please don't worry we will still honour when you signed up being a customer, so no one will lose out.


We think our customers will love our new Loyalty Rewards. We value every single customer and we will always take on positive and negative feedback.


That is it for now from Halls Hosting, if you have any feedback, suggestions, problems, anything at all please do get in touch with us!

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