Brand New Update

Brand New Update

Good Afternoon Everybody!

We hope you’re doing well and we hope your having a good start to the week.

As you are aware we have been updating our servers and our website. 

But today we are releasing so many features and services today!

Let’s go into the rundown of what we have done for you and new customers.

*NEW* Pricing

We have made a price cut to our pricing by 20% on all our hosting packages. We want to give all our customers and new customers the best prices around with the best features available!

As standard all annual plans are much cheaper than paying monthly.  For an example, our Silver Plan is £3.99 per month. If you would like to pay this annually you would pay £40.00.

*NEW* Price Match & Special Discount for Existing Customers

Starting from today we will now price match any UK hosting provider, plus 5% off discount on top as a small thank you from us.

As well as the price match, starting from today we appreciate all customers that is why, renewing customers will always get 5% off discount each year as a thank you.

Improved - Hosting Plans

We have totally revamp our hosting plans design, we have made it so much cleaner for yourself and new customers to understand what you will get in our hosting packages.

Here are a few images below!

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

(Click here to view the image bigger)


 (Click here to view the image bigger)

Improved - Layout of Our Legal Agreements

We have now made all our important legal agreements all one page, making it easier for our customers to find the information as quickly as possible. Click here to see the new legal agreements or see below the picture of our legal agreements

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

Improved - Feature Page

We have added more information to our feature page, giving our customers more services.

Click here to check it out.

*NEW* Improved Menu Bar

We have improved our menu bar (at the top of our website) when you scroll down on our website, the menu bar will now also scroll down with you. Giving you quick access to the menu links. 

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

*NEW* Improved Support & Security

We have changed the way how our support security now works. From today when you need to speak to us over the phone, live chat, Facebook, Twitter you will now need to use a “Support Pin”. You can find this support pin by logging into your account or clicking here. Our Support Pin is used to verify that you are the account holder when using our Phone Support, Live Chat, Facebook and Twitter. Your Support Pin will be valid for 1 hour from the time you generate the pin and can only be used once. (Please note at our discretion we could ask for other details as well) (see pictures below for an example)

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

*NEW* Community Forums

We are so excited to bring a community based forum to our website, this will allow other customers to help each other. This will be open next week, so please keep an eye on our website. We are looking for customers to be able to come mods. In return, you will get free web hosting for moderating our forums for us. The forums will also come the new place to find all our knowledge base information. (help documents) See the picture below for a sneck peak! Get in touch with us by clicking here if you want to become a moderator.

 (Click here to view the image bigger)


We have improved our store, you can now find hosting plans, order a new domain, order Weebly and we have just released over 10 SSL products. Our aim at Halls Hosting is bring our customers the best value for money. See the pictures below for an example.

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

*NEW* Blog

We have worked hard bring our blog to our customers and the general public. This will be the place to see amazing new content, updates, how to and competitions. We will also allow our customers and the public to do guest blogs. See the picture below just for a test of how it looks. Fancy being on the blog team? Get in touch with us! (You can do this by clicking here)

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

*NEW* Brand New Plan – MAX

We are working on a brand-new MAX plan, more information will come next week.

*NEW* Support Sensitive Data

You will now notice a new field under “attachments” on the support ticket form for Support & Webcare departments. This is used for cPanel login details, FTP details, WordPress logins or any other sensitive data you can think of sharing with us. It’s very important to use this field if you want to share sensitive data with us, as its fully encrypted and only a member of the team can see it. Once you have submitted the support ticket with sensitive data in it, you wouldn’t be able to see this either once you have sent in the ticket to us. If you have requested a member of the team to change your password, we can now also send you sensitive data in the same ticket. (You must be logged into your account to see this data from us) The good news is once the ticket has been closed all the data you submitted will be deleted. (See picture below for an example of the new field)

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

*NEW* Top Notification

Our brand-new feature called “Top Notification” is to alert you of brand new deals, offers, service status and news. See the picture below for the example.

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

*NEW* Customer Notifications

Sometimes we need to get in touch with you regarding something important or we want to share some exciting news to you. Emailing isn’t always the best way to do it. So, we have developed a brand new service with in the client area of our website. This is really handy for us, if we are having service issues, or would like to bring you exciting news. For an example see the picture below to see how this works. We can also add different notifications to different customers.

*NEW* Monthly Offers - September Offer

Starting from today, we will now offer very exciting offers to new and existing customers. September offer is 50% discount for life on any hosting plans. New and existing customers can get this discount. Offer terms do apply (click here to read them) You will find new offer codes all the time on our website, see the picture below for an example. (This will only come up once, until a new code is shown)

 (Click here to view the image bigger)

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where customers can buy our addon for phone support, when they are already a Platinum customer.
  • Added new icons to the “Home” and “Contact Us” links in the menu.
  • Improved the service status page, you no longer need to go to an external link to check on our server status. Click here to find out more.
  • New badges – When your login to your client area, on the “services” it will now show a number of how many services you have got with us.
    • As well as the services number, when there is an overdue invoice, it will now show a number on the billing link on the menu.

That is, it for now, we will be in touch next week for the community forums and the new MAX plan.

If you would like to share any feedback for us, then please do get in touch! 

Kind Regards

Your Team @ Halls Group (UK) 

at 04/09/2017, 15:34pm

Updated: at 04/09/2017, 18:34pm

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