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At Halls Hosting we take your account security extremely seriously it’s one of our top priority. While most of our security is built into everything we do you barely see it.

For an example, no card information is ever stored on our servers. We use, one of the most secure and reputable payment processors available. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 and decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe's internal servers are able to obtain plaintext card numbers; instead, they can just request that cards be sent to a service provider on a static whitelist. Stripe's infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure and doesn't share any credentials with Stripe's primary services (API, website, etc.) For more information, you can visit Stripe's security policy right here! That is just one example of your security we use for your account details.

We won’t tell you anything else we do for your security and our security but please rest assured you are 100% in safe hands.

When you sign up for a hosting plan or Halls Webcare you are asked to fill in security question to fill in when you sign up. This is very important to fill in as we will ask these questions when you chat to us on live chat, Facebook or twitter messages, via phone and any other way. So please make sure this is filled in if it isn’t we won’t be able to help you until this information has been filled in. Please click here to see if you have filled this in under your account.

Bear in mind you can still get ticket support through our website if you are logged into your account as everything is monitored and recorded so we can see if we are speaking to the correct person. As your IP address is recorded. The only people should ever have access to your login details should be you only. If you need to set up like a member of your staff team then click here to add another contact under your account. If this isn’t set and this person gets in touch with us we will check their details and if they not on their the account could be suspended for your security and it will be unsuspended if you confirm this person is who they say they are and we will then ask for you to add them as a contacted.

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