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We provide "out of hours" phone support to all Halls Webcare customers and to all customers that is on our Platinum web hosting plan. If you’re not a Halls Webcare customer or a Platinum plan customer we still do provide 24/7 support via tickets. Any support tickets we get we do aim to answer it within 30 minutes of receiving the support request. You can read how to submit a support ticket by clicking here.

Please call 0330 043 1929 then please press option 5 and then enter the special 4 digital code we sent to you. If you are unsure what the 4 digital code is then please get in touch with us for this number.

Below is our Guidelines for using our “out of hours” phone support. Your support request via phone for “out of hours” phone support must be within our guidelines.

You can only use our “out of hours” support if it’s after normal operating times. Please keep in mind that we still do 24/7 support tickets.

Our operating times can be found by clicking here.

You can use our “out of hours” support if one of you questions or enquiry is below. If not then please just submit a support ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When you do call us for anything we will ask you security question you set up in line with Data Protection Act 1998. Please make sure your security question has been set in your account. Click here to see if you have set it up. If you don't have a security question set up we will be unable to help you any further, so please do fill out the secuirty section on our website using the link provided.

  • Your website is very slow
  • Your website can’t be reached. (If you go to your website and it’s not loading up.)
  • Your website is displaying an error message
  • You can’t access any emails
  • You can’t access your cPanel account
  • You can’t access your admin website backend. (e.g. WordPress admin panel)
  • Your emails are not being sent but you can send them through your cPanel account.

We will be adding more to the above in the near future if it’s necessary. If your issue/question isn’t listed above then please don’t use the “out of hours” phone support please just submit a ticket through our website. If you don’t know how to then please click here to read the help document.

Please note if you are a Halls Webcare or Platinum customer and you use the above that isn’t listed and call us, we reserve the right to take this feature away from your account or block your phone number which we really don’t want to do as we do want to help you no matter what your question is we will help. Please follow the above guidelines, if you are unsure then just submit a support ticket and we can let you know.


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