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We offer a wide range of payment options for our customers to be able to pay for there invoice.

Debit or Credit Card - Using this options is very easy to use. All you have to do is give your card number, expiry date and the CCV code on the back. Just click on Debit or Credit Card on the check out page. (Please note none of your information is saved on our services. They are stored on our Payment Service Company we use and if you do another order or pay monthly it will use the card you use on the check out page on your first order)*

Apple Pay - We offer Apple Pay to all invoices under £30.00 to find out how to use Apple Pay please click here. Just click on Debit or Credit Card and the Apple Pay logo will show on the check out page. *

Bank Transfer - We allow our customers to do a simple bank transfer to Halls Hosting bank account. Please use the information below to use this option. (Please note using this option your order will carry on "pending" in till we receive the funds then we will accept the order.)

Payee Name: Halls Group (UK)
Sort Code: 23-69-72
Account Number: 02679995

* Please make sure your account details are up to date and match the same on your card. For an example your name, address, post code. If they are not matched to what your bank holds for you then your order will fail. If you need to update your accounts details please message support to update them for you.We need exact information to what your bank holds for you as we do checks and it protects you against fraud. You also need to spend 30p or more otherwise the payment will failure.

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