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If you’re an existing customer, you must first link your Facebook/Twitter/Google account up with your Halls Hosting account first.

Step 1) Login to you’re a client account first.

Step 2) Click on where it says “Hey! [Your Name] and select “Security Settings”.

Step 3) Scroll down the page and you will see “Linked Accounts”

Step 4) Click on the social network you wish to use.

Step 5) You must accept the permission its asking you.

Step 6) You will see a message stating “Success! Your account is now linked with your Facebook account (Your Name).” This example was Facebook.

Step 7) To make sure it’s working correctly, logout of your account and then select the social network you just “linked” in (Step 4) and it should login your straight away.

It is that simple! So, from now on you can sign in using Facebook.Twitter or Google or even both!

If you’re a new customer please follow the steps below.

Step 1) Click on where it says “Account” and then click “register” 

Step 2) When you click on Facebook, Twitter or Google you will need to fill the rest of the form out.

Step 3) Once the details have been filled out, your account set up has been completed.

Step 4) You can now login using your Facebook/Twitter details!

  • You can unlink your social network account from you account anytime. 
  • If you need any help at all, please do submit a support ticket.
  • You can link Facebook, Twitter & Google (all 3) to your account.

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